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Our History

Andrew Coffman provided funding to build Coffman Home for the Aged, as it was named in the beginning.We were established in 1962 in the northern section of town off of Pennsylvania Avenue in Hagerstown, Maryland. Andrew Coffman was born in 1871, raised on a farm and educated in the local schools. He began his business career with Coffman Lumber Company. Later he decided to pursue a career as a funeral director and became a practicing mortician. Andrew married Gladys Rothenstein, a longtime resident of Hagerstown. Their relationship was characterized by complete mutual understanding, trust and warm generosity. They share many interests in the region.

Both were deeply interested in the community and active in various civic organizations. Mr. Coffman was a charter member of the Hagerstown Rotary Club, served on the boards of the YMCA, Hagerstown Junior college, Historical Society of Washington County and the Washington County Hospital. He has received both a medal for outstanding service to the community and the Distinguished Citizen Award by the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce.

They provided financing and supervision of the construction of the Coffman Health Center, the Coffman Research Center besides the Coffman Nursing Home. During their lifetime, the Coffman’s donated more than $ 3 million to educational and civic cause in the Central Maryland region, the equivalent of $ 25 million today.

Their legacy is a lasting one to the Western Maryland region and Coffman Nursing Home. Coffman remains committed to providing rehabilitation and health services to seniors in a home like environment today and in the future.

Our Exceptional Nursing Staff

Coffman is known for their exceptional nursing staff in a small, home-like setting. We have a high ratio of nurses to residents, and very low turnover because of the friendly culture of our residents, families and staff in our north Hagerstown facility. 

​Your first impression when walking into Coffman will be a clean facility and a warm, friendly staff. You can expect quality care and individual attention to each patient and family member. We have relied on our consistent reputation for excellence for nearly 55 years.  

Coffman is a not-for-profit organization founded and funded in 1962 by Andrew K. Coffman, a philanthropist and long-time resident of Washington County, MD. Andrew Coffman was a charter member of the Hagerstown Rotary Club and served on the boards of many organizations, including the Y.M.C.A., Hagerstown Junior College, the Historical Society of Washington County, the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce, Washington County Hospital, and Hood College.
  • In 1929 Mr. Coffman was awarded a medal for outstanding service to his Washington County community.
  • In 1954, the Coffmans financed the construction of the Washington County Health Department.
  • In 1960 the Coffmans financed and supervised the construction of Coffman Nursing and Rehabilitation, which opened in 1962. They also provided financial support to aspiring nursing students attending college.
  • In 1969 he was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Citizen Award by the Hagerstown Chamber of Commerce.

During their lifetimes, the Coffmans donated more than $3 million to educational and civic causes in the Central Maryland region, the equivalent of $25 million today. 

Coffman Nursing and Rehab continues to fulfill Andrew Coffman’s vision to cultivate exceptional quality care that fulfills the needs of the everyone who walks through the doors.